The Extra Mile: It Makes All the Difference

Nothing worth it comes easy

That A you wanted in math class, you earned it by studying.
That career you dreamed of since middle school, you were selected because you proved yourself.
That perfect guy or gal you wanted to date, they like you because you spent time and treated them with respect.

None of these scenarios were easy, but you did it.


Because to you, it was worth it. To you, it was worth the effort, and time. You could’ve settled for a B, but instead you chose to aim for that A. You set a goal to study extra hard for math

When you set a goal that matters to you, that’s worth it to you, you will fight to see the results you want. These goals may not be the easiest to accomplish, but they don’t have to be, because their benefits outweigh the cost. You are willing put in the extra effort, arrive early and stay late, and even seek a mentor who specializes in that area. Because the end result has significant meaning to you.

So what matters to you, and what are the steps you plan on taking to ensure you reach your goals?


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