Blood, Sweat and Tear- The Hustler

“Hey, Ivan, show us your ribbons!”
said a group of swimmers he coaches, just as he was taking them out of the vanilla envelope.
“Whoa! How are you able to swim that fast?!”
I slowly inched away as his young adoring fans came to surround him.
It wasn’t always like that though.
Some people who have never watched him train, would call his efforts talent. In fact, they’d say he was gifted with potential. But what appears on the outside is never really quite what happens behind the scenes, where there are no spectators. What started in the small community pool, ended in the city stadium.
He turned down party invitations to train.
He missed out on school events to train.
He got out of bed at 5AM to train.

He set his eye on the prize and never took them off. Today, after graduating from high school, his name still remained on the school’s record board.

Swimming was his craft, and he made sure his presence was felt by other swimmers. A daily two hour practice after school turned into two hours of morning weights and two more hours of afternoon conditioning. Every time he entered the pool, the arena… was his.
He gave the game his all.
His blood, sweat and tear have earned him the name Hustler

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