Today’s Sweat, Tomorrow’s Harvest

It’s easy to complete the tasks that are easy, and also to avoid attempting more challenging tasks. There are many reasons why we hesitate tackling problems head on.

We are lazy and don’t feel like doing the harder things today.

We surrender to the thought of possible failure.

We are waiting for that “perfect” moment or that “lucky” day to execute or plans.

But it’s okay, there’s always tomorrow.


There isn’t any difference between today and tomorrow.

The tasks we put off today still needs to be done tomorrow, and procrastination is only going to set you back from reaching your goals.

Failure happens to everyone and everywhere. There’s no way to hide from it, and it’d be foolish to try. You learned to walk after falling down again and again, but didn’t you learn from your experiences? Of course you did, that’s why you’re able to walk today!

And I’ve got some news for ya buddy, perfect moments don’t exist and neither do lucky days. Opportunities will show itself anywhere, but the perfect opportunity is how you react to the opportunities that are presented to you. In other words, you create it. The best advice I’ve ever received about luck is that it’s when preparation meets opportunity.

The better you are at your craft, the more experience you have in the field, and the more people come to you for your “expert” opinion is when you know you’ve prepared well. Keep up the good work! Before you know it, opportunities will be knocking at your door!


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