The “F” Word. Why I Despise it.

A lot of us live in this life, but how many of us are actually “living” this life? I’d say not nearly enough. For the most part, we live in FEAR. Fear of the unknown, of what others think of us, of losing our jobs, and of death.
Fear causes us to not do the things we want to do. It can and will hold you back permanently if you let it.
That’s why discovering the entrepreneurial path changed my perspective on life. I have learned from other entrepreneurs that I need to force myself to leave my comfort zone to accomplish my goals. I have learned from experience that fear stands no chance when I decide on what I want. Bust most of all…
I learned what it takes to live the life I want.
It may not be pretty at first, I may lose friends here and there, and people may call me a lost cause, but I will keep walking until I reach my goals.
Even if I have to walk this walk by myself

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