Why do you want to be successful?

Besides the typical,

“To make a living and pay my bills”,
“To put food on the table”,
“To make my parents proud”,
“To put my children through college”, and
“To spend more time with my significant other”,

Why do you think you deserve what you want?

I’ll use myself as an example.

Recently, the entrepreneurial group I’m in began to dive deeper into our reasons for wanting success. I had already listed out all the great things that I would be able to do such as, spending more time with my family, and donating more money to my favorite charities.

Looking back at the last paragraph, I have to admit; a lot of EGO was taking place. There are many “I” and “My” sprinkled throughout. Most of the reasons were how I can make myself feel good. But that wasn’t what this exercise was about. During the exercise, participants were required to remove themselves, aka their ego, from the equation and really focus on bringing the better thoughts to the table. We were asked a question that forced us to connect emotionally with our answers and why it was important for us to make our reasons a reality:

“Whose life will be infinitely better from the result of your success? And imagine you have earned an extra $20,000 that is designated purely for fun things that bless others and yourself. Note that no single purchase may surpass $7,000.”

1) For my dad

$7,000 for the family to attend a Josh Groban concert because my dad is the biggest Josh Groban fan I know. He could pick souvenirs, CD’s, and a chance to go backstage to meet the artist! This family-bonding event would be followed by a dinner for four at Ruth Chris’s steak house. It would be awesome to provide this kind of experience for my dad regularly because he has worked restlessly to give us the best and has never asked for anything in return.

2) For my mom

$7,000 for my mom and dad to visit Rome because it has always been on her bucket list. She could never find the time to do so because of work. I would pay for her and my dad’s airfare, hotel fee, and the tour fee at the Colosseum, because it’s one of the places they wanted to go see in person. They have been dreaming about this for years, and I’m planning to make this happen for them!

3) My brother

$7,000 for my gaming enthusiastic brother to set up a system for him and his friends. Even though we don’t communicate directly most of the time, I am watching his back and he’s watching mine. When he was still in high school, he worked for the city as a lifeguard. Instead of asking mom and dad for an allowance, he was determined to prove his own worth. Now he’s gained much more than money, respect from our family as well.

4) Beloved grandparents

My grandparents were brought up from a very humbling background and deserve so much for all they have given. They love visiting Japan and does so annually with other relatives. Giving them the opportunity to travel to Japan each year is the least I can offer.

After I completed the exercise, I realize that I need to keep them in my heart when the times become rough and when the path becomes seemingly unbearable. It would be my dream to see them happy beyond their wildest imagination. It’s not just the money that would like to achieve, it’s the lives that I can potentially affect and make infinitely better. That is why I need to be successful.

This is why I need to be successful.


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