Refreshed and Ready to Roll!

A couple days ago I cleaned out and reorganized my wallet and refreshed my smart phone as part of an entrepreneurial challenge. Our wallets and phones are two of the main things we carry with us at all times, and has become a part of our identity. One good look at the papers in our wallet and the content on our phones can tell someone what kind of people we are. When I pulled out the receipts, business cards, a debit card, gift cards, and some bills, my friend was wide-eyed.

“Bro, why do still have receipts that date back to last year? And these gift cards… do you plan to use them at all? When was the last time you bought anything from these stores?”

I proceeded to explain that the gift cards were given to me for free from some friends a while back and maybe I’ll go spend the money one day. He shook his head in dismay.

“Be honest, is there really going to be that one day when you suddenly feel like going to those places? Either give them to someone or just trash them.”

He was right. I had become a bit of a hoarder for free stuff and it was about time I carried only the essentials. After about two minutes, I had completely filed out all the junk and my wallet now only consists of the money, and the debit card. The business cards were left at my desk.

“Let’s do the same for your phone now. Delete all the apps you don’t touch anymore and update all the other ones that you decide to keep. Erase all the contacts that you don’t talk to anymore and get rid of all the negative messages and conversations that you’ve saved up. Do the same for your photos as well. It’s about time to make some new memories.”

7 apps and 193 photos were deleted, 221 contacts were erased and 11 voice messages removed from my phone. I also wiped down my phone front and back so it literally feels like I just got it from the store.


Now I’m feeling rather good that I’ve cleaned up the mess that I’ve accumulated and ready to start and anew and welcome in new adventures! Clearing up my phone felt like I have room to grow, to change, and to ultimately try new things. My wallet feels and looks less like an uneven brick and no longer weighs down my back pocket.
If you’ve never done this before, feel free to try it out and leave a comment on how it made you feel!


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