Embracing the oddball trait

I’m an oddball, the blacksheep of my family. I’m constantly thinking and putting my thoughts into action. People tell me I’m weird and that I’m crazy for doing the things I do, saying that I’m illogical. So what? I’m not like them, and will never be like them. I used to be so ashamed of my differences and wished and hoped that I could just be like everyone else, ditching my own personality so I too can be a piece of the gigantic “machine”.

Fast forward to present day, I decided to keep my personality because it’s who I represent. I’m still the blacksheep in my family, but this time wearing that badge with pride. My relatives still question my perspective on life and career, to which they shake their head because of the risks ahead. But to me that risk is worth it.


“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

– Steve Jobs


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