Day 21 of 30 Day Challenge


Preferring uncertainty over regret

You know, there are a bunch of things I wish I did when the opportunity presented itself. Now it’s too late because I don’t know when the next time will be. Last summer, the orchestra I play with was offered a chance to visit and perform at local communities in Australia. I had never been to Australia and I thought it would be an unique experience. However, because of the volunteering activities I’m apart of in my own community, I had to make a choice. It was the summer of my senior year of high school, and my friends are going to different schools out of the state. Indeed, it was the the last time before they could come back and visit again. So, I did the typical, and stayed in my hometown.

No I wonder what kind of experiences I would have had, had I gone with the orchestra to Australia. The members all told me they had a great time sight seeing and meeting local Australians. Sure, there probably will be a next time, but it’s opportunities like these that don’t come along very often.


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