Guest Writer (Jordan Groll)

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jordan Groll a Magician, Amateur Photographer, and Fitness Fanatic. I’ve known Austin since high school and we’re good friends. I happen to share many interests with Austin and one of them is inspiring others. So when Austin asked me to be a guest writer for his new blog, I jumped at the chance. I am honored to be working alongside Austin, and without further ado here is my first post; some food for thought.


Jordan Groll

“Mind Melting Magic”


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                  In a day and age where we are funneled through a system that tells us what to do and how to do it, it is a rare occasion when you come across someone who doesn’t fit the norm. Someone who goes against the flow of traffic and goes out of their way to challenge and question everything about the fast paced world around them. These are more often than not the people who change the world, the people who are regarded as sheers geniuses later in life. What is the difference between these geniuses and the majority of the population? For starters, they refuse to give in to the bullshit that is spoon fed to us by society. They are constantly pushing themselves, bettering themselves, and breaking boundaries. They know that they were put on this earth with a purpose to live. And so they pursue that with a passion, inspiring others along the way. These so called geniuses don’t waste their time with social media or the news and they never compare themselves to others for they know that we are each on our own life journey, and they also know that the struggle is real. But it is this so called struggle of life that keeps life interesting, is the key to success, and makes those winning moments so much better.

                Now is the time for you to rethink your life. If you are wasting your days just remember that your days are numbered for the average person lives 28,000 days. I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone, go do something spontaneous and crazy, go do stupid things and make mistakes while you’re at it. This is the only way we can grow/ change. Change has this sort of stigma attached to it that it’s a bad thing. When in fact, it is quite the opposite. Change is possibly the best thing that could happen; it is the spice of life. When you are feeling down about life, just remember that good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up.


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