Day 13 of 30 Day Challenge


Doing something that I had absolutely no prior experience of

I was asked to be a dog sitter for a weekend when my cousin needed to go out of town at the last minute. At that moment I was ecstatic because I haven’t seen the dog for quite some time and I could use a companion. It wasn’t until the phone call ended that my mind froze. What was I thinking? I don’t know a thing about caring for pets and I accepted the responsibility of dog sitting for three days! You may not believe this, but I actually googled how to dog sit. Quite embarrassing at first, but even more embarrassing after surfing the web for 30 minutes and still have no idea what to do. The next day my doorbell rang at 8 am. Yes, you read that right. My cousin dropped off the dog and all his belongings and left. I was still clueless and noticed the dog watching me wondering, Do you know what you are doing? Ten minutes passed and I finally decided to take him to his “living quarter” for the next three days.

This particular dog is curious about everything, and I mean everything. He sniffed at me a couple of times, at my furniture, at my trashcans, among other things. He is fast at running and likes it when he is being chased. As of right now he is more than a little mischievous because he knows he can get away with it. But we shall see what happens for the rest of the weekend.Image


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