Day 10 of 30 Day Challenge


Taking the lead

When the situation calls, leaders will rise. Some just have the natural instinct while others learn the skill. Leadership is very interesting. There’s no defined appearance for it so whose role is it? Whoever is willing to stand up.

In the 90’s, as a child, I would watch shows such as Pokemon on television and the protagonist is often the “chosen one”. And because of that, I grew up thinking that the leadership trait is only applicable for those types of people.


Lately, I have been in situations where someone had to take charge and no one volunteered. In this position, I took the leadership role. It was very strange at first, similar to walking in a new pair of shoes. With more practice, I became accustomed to the role and began liking it. I had new responsibility, more authority, and people who rely on me. Being somebody that others can turn I for advice and reliability feels great.

Now I see that leadership positions are voluntary. Anybody can be the leader of they wanted to be. Just like any other skill, it needs to be developed.


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