Day 6 of 30 Day Challenge


Fear of Change

Habits can either make or break a person. A person with good habits often experience better results than another person with bad habits. When this occurs, the bad habits person usually justifies themselves with reasons (excuses) on why they face the consequences they face. I put the parenthesis around excuses deliberately. Taking responsibilities of the negative experiences is one of the most common traits of successful and happy people. By doing so, they remind themselves that they’re in control of their actions and their life.

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Habits are difficult to break out of, especially the ones that don’t do you any good. Why? Because it is uncomfortable, and we don’t enjoy being uncomfortable. Recently I’ve been asking myself why I’m not getting the results I want from life. My conclusion: I’m living too comfortably… with my parents. And it’s not doing me any good. Don’t get me wrong, I love and respect them, but many times I thought, “something’s not right, it’s supposed to be my turn to care and provide for them”. With that said, I’m looking forward to creating some new habits that will ultimately benefit my family and me in the very near future!



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