Bad Enough


Have you ever wanted to become or accomplish something so bad, but the voices around you and your own voice is holding you back?

Before you continue reading this, let’s do a mental exercise. Close your eyes and picture yourself doing this task or being this person. I’ll wait.

Now, how clear was that image to you? Could you pick out every detail? If your answer is yes, then there is really nothing holding you back. What’s blocking you from the path is none other than fear. The fear of criticism and the fear of failure. Well guess what, these two will still occur whether or not you pursue your dreams.

But the difference is, by leading your dreams, criticism would gradually fade away because you’re consistently honing your craft. And failure? It’s going to happen. It’s a basic building block of success.

So let me leave you with this: “when you want to achieve something bad enough, don’t let the statistics and the negative voices hold you back”.


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