Out of the Box…

Out of the Box

I get my inspiration from the uninspired. With so many of us trapped in the everyday struggle of believing we are less capable than we really are, it’s no surprise many of us suffer. Corporate jobs are keeping us too busy for our passions. Where are the right-brainers? The people who speak out for what they believe in, those who stand up for the ones who cannot speak for themselves, those who create beautiful images of which serve as a reflection for the technologically advanced, innovative, rebellious, yet fraudulent and paradoxical world we live in? I get my inspiration from the uninspired. How many will actually step out of their “box” to achieve something greater than themselves? And how many of us will really, really step up to that deeper calling we all have? If you can’t find it, create it…

Eric “Bzrk” (Instagram @bzrking, Bzrkindom.virb.com)

This quote by my buddy, Eric “Bzrk”, really hit the nail on the head for me. More than once, I have heard friends and family complain about their work and how they dread waking up each morning. “Enjoy your college life man!” they often said, “because working a job is much more painful than reading textbooks”. I would just nod and move on to another topic. But I always wondered why they didn’t do anything about it and why they remain where they are. “It pays well” is the most common response. The comments I get from them are quite dull and any kind of excitement they express are towards the weekends and vacations. While I do enjoy weekends and extended breaks at school, doing something I don’t enjoy for a paycheck sounds unbearable to me. Do what you want to do rather than what you have to do. Change the things in your life that you don’t like. And don’t be afraid of stepping out of the “box” to achieve something greater than yourself.


Picture from: http://www.thefourhourworkday.com/unpaid-vacation-vs-regular-vacation/

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